Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Discussion Post - Self love & the Importance

Hey everyone, today I want to discuss something that has been a big impact in my life recently, and I wanted to share with everyone.

  Over the past few months, I have found how important it is to have self love!  It took time, but I wanted to share what helped me to realize my worth, and as a teenage girl, I think it's insanely important to feel confident about yourself!

  These 5 tips can be geared towards anyone, but as a teenager, I know we struggle the most with finding our identity - I'm sure as heck not saying I've found mine, but I've never been closer to creating myself a healthy and positive life :) 

Nobody says it better than Tyler the Creator "find some time."  There is no better way to find yourself and know yourself better, than taking time of the day to focus on yourself and what makes you happy.  For me, it was making time to return to this blog, to read, spend time with my family, and play piano again.  These little things made such a difference, and I began to feel as though I had a purpose again.  Before, I was insanely focused on friends and not wanting to miss a moment, but then I realized, some of the best moments are spent with yourself.  And that is o k a y!  

Being able to say "no" is so important - wow I can't stress this enough.  Whether it comes to bad influences or wanting alone time, saying "no" is okay, and I used to think it wasn't.  In my situation, my friends never pushed me to drink or smoke, but they always wanted me to hangout or go with them places.  I was terrified of missing a moment with them, thinking something extraordinary would happen and I'd miss it.  Then, I began to say no to hanging out, maybe missing a few moments, and instead staying home with my family and reading or relaxing listening to music.  Yea, I missed a football game here and there, but I was happier saying "no."

Stepping away from negative people is so difficult, but worth the way you feel after.  In my situation, and I know a lot of teenager's situation, it was an unhealthy relationship.  It was affecting how I treated my close friends and family, as I began to continuously chose him over the people who actually loved me.  The feeling of self worth?  I had none.  I know many people struggle with worth, and sometimes the most insecure of us struggle with leaving someone we feel as though we can't live without.  However, when I did it and began focusing on myself and my friendships and family, my life changed for the better.  It was scary, but I distanced myself, and found greater company within myself.

Be in control.  I didn't realize how much control was important to myself and my life, until I took control.  I started saying "no", I stepped away from the negative people, and decided what I wanted my senior year to look like.  It's normal to struggle with being in control, it can involve having to be the odd one out or being a leader.  Possibly, even an out of body experience as you learn to stop following and start leading.  I believe this is a necessity to self love - doing what is good for you.

How have you learned to love yourself, and did these tips help you?  Self love has been such an important part of my life recently, and I hope that some of the things I said make you reflect on yourself and your life :)

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