Monday, September 11, 2017

An Adventure - Vail, Colorado (BACK AFTER TWO YEARS)

"Today is your day!  Your mountain is waiting . . . so get on your way!" - Dr. Suess

This past summer, my momma and I went on an adventure to the small town of Vail, Colorado.  Our stay was short, but that was enough for the mountain village to become one of my favorite places to travel in the US.

Our first stop from the hotel after arriving, my mom and I spent in the hospital.  I felt terrible, I had a cold that I had caught right before the trip, and became worse when I get to Vail.  It was not an ideal first night, but we made the best of it.

I still wasn't feeling like myself, and my mom had begun to feel bad as well.  However, the clear and crisp air in Vail and the love for an adventure my mom and I both have in us, kept us motivated.  
We walked through Vail village, that was absolutley CHARMING!  Cobblestone streets, small paths leading to short hiking paths, coffee shops, tourist shops, and the local food places . . . their was more than enough to see in one day.  Then, we took a ride on a gondola, at least 5 times up and down Vail mountain.  The views were unbelievable, the beauty of Vail above and below us.

The second day, my first thought was the gondola!  Grabbing a sandwich by our hotel, the Sebastian, my mom and I took the gondola right to the top of Vail mountain.  It was lightly raining, and in the distance storm clouds were forming, it was beautiful to see!  We walked a mile across Vail mountain, the scenery was breath catching, I cannot put into words.  When we made it a mile across, their was a tourist attraction that could take us to the backside of Vail mountain, and we thought why not! 
We took a jeep to the other side of Vail mountain, and stayed taking in the scenery long as we could, until the approaching storm was getting too close.  When we got back to the gondola, it was beginning to pour rain and lightning was all around us, as we sprinted to ride the gondola to the bottom of the mountain before it closed.  

That's a recap of my favorite trip from this Summer - ohh and, after TWO YEARS I am BACK!  Instead of strictly posting book reviews, I'm doing a lifestyle blog (but still doing book related posts of course) :)  So happpy to be back, feel free to leave a comment if you've been to Colorado, or just want to say hi!

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  1. Colorado looks amazing, hopefully one day I can go experience the scenery. Also, I loved the lifestyle post, you should do more.(: